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Classroom AV Provides Tech Savvy Learning Environments

Posted by Becky McWilliams, VP of Marketing on Apr 12, 2016 6:43:27 PM

classroom AV provides tech savvy learning environments

AV Technology in the classroom is no longer a phenomenon. Just visit your own child's school and classroom, and you notice how technology is playing a key role in K-12 education today. According to the U.S. Department of Education, computers are in 97 percent of classrooms every day, and the adoption of new easy-to-use technologies by teachers is growing.

Its not just K-12. Classroom technology is a perfect fit for higher education, training facilities and more.

An enhanced learning environment keeps students engaged and prepares them for an increasingly digital workforce and society. But it also relates to the tech-centric world they already inhabit. Connected families and homes are the norm - laptops and smart phones are in 80 and 70 percent of homes, respectively, and tablets are the fastest-growing acquisition segment in home tech.

With both students and teachers becoming more tech savvy, school districts are installing more AV technology. Simplified solutions such as push-button control of AV and display devices provide a creative and interactive classroom, while keeping things user-friendly for the teacher.

In addition to PCs and tablets, collaborative technology such as interactive projectors that transform any surface into a whiteboard, or remote AV control devices that enable students to write on whiteboards from their desks, are enabling educators to turn a typical classroom into a new world of interactive learning opportunities.

Some school districts have instituted the issuing laptops or tablets to each student and gone completely digital with text books. This creates even greater need for easy-to-use solutions that bring all this digital technology together and make it work seamlessly.

This is an outstanding opportunity for the Pro AV integrator. Liberty AV Solutions has helped advance Classroom AV over the years by providing proper planning, expertise and product technology to make collaborative classrooms of tomorrow successful today.

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