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Time Saving Solutions in Category Cable Termination: Installers Put New System to the Test

Posted by K.D. Aiardo on Aug 7, 2018 11:00:00 AM


Liberty AV Solutions, known for their innovative solutions driven by user feedback, has once again delivered an industry changer.

Debuting at InfoComm 2018 earlier this year, Liberty AV released the new category cable termination system, ConnecTec Cat (CT Cat) . Received with open arms by technicians and installers alike, the system tackles common complaints and instantly delivers a cost and time savings to cable termination process.  

Category Cable Termination - CTCat-Time-Savings_Libav

Not being one to simply just talk a good game, Liberty AV put the simplicity and quality of use into action at the show with their, ‘CT Cat: Race to Win’ contest where installers came out in droves to compete for the best termination time. 

Quickly, the installers competing found that the system was quick to use and delivered a high-quality termination, with the average installation time of 90 seconds or less, with the winner of the contest, Vic Lomeli nearly cutting the average in half with an unbelievable 55-second termination time. 

Vic, formerly of AV Spaces and current owner/chief integrator of Network Audio Video Integrations LLC was impressed with the termination, stating that it “feels extremely solid… I've wiggled and bent the cable to an extreme measure to see if it would cause a fault in its connectivity, but upon inspection everything remains intact.  Working in small spaces where the cable maybe has to make a sharp 90° turn I have encountered connections becoming undone or wire pop out of the pinched down termination.” 


Vic Lomeli of Network Audio Video Integrations LLC (formerly AV Spaces)- CT Cat - Category Cable Termination Winner

Vic Lomeli, formerly of AV Spaces, is presented with his Grand Prize haul of a LG 65” OLED TV
after winning the InfoComm CT Cat ‘Race to Win’ Contest in June.


ConnecTec Cat’s high quality collection of plugs, jacks, and keystone inserts are fully ANSI/TIA-568 Compliant & UL approved.  This system is designed for shielded and unshielded category cable needs and offers a full lineup of Cat5e, 6, 6A &7 connectors and tools.


 Liberty AV’s message is clear: ‘Ditch the Madness’.  The solution to frustrating connectors with a high failure rate is here and is ready for implementation into Data Centers, AV, HDBaseT, LAN, and many other applications.  ConnecTec Cat delivers a simple to terminate, flexible, and solid category cable connection… all at a price point that is easy to digest for every install.  CT Cat is aligned to meet the everyday needs in Data Centers, AV, HDBaseT, LAN, and many other applications and makes a high quality termination in 90 seconds or less!


 CT Cat - Learn More on YouTube: Video Preview-1WATCH ON YOUTUBE:  CT Cat Termination System Saves Time and Eliminates Bad Connections

 Join the Cat Race: Liberty Relaunches CT Cat ‘Race to Win’ Contest for CEDIA 2018

Liberty AV is kicking the competition into high gear once again and bringing their CT Cat ‘Race to Win contest back to CEDIA 2018.  The CEDIA Contest will be centered around the RJ45 Shielded Plug designed to deliver blazing fast termination speeds, vs the RJ45 Shielded Jack featured at InfoComm 2018.  With great prizes including a LG 65” OLED TV, the competition is slated to be intense.  Contestants are invited to play multiple times, but are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot to compete.

Learn more about the CT Cat Solution on the Liberty AV website.   Contact Liberty AV Solutions at 800-560-8998 or via for more information.


Vic won Liberty's First CT Cat 'Race to Win' Contest
of the InfoComm 2018 CT Cat: 'Race to Win' Contest. terminated his cable in an unbelievable 55 seconds.



Previously published in CEDIA EXPO 2018 Press Releases.  

Winner Victor Lomeli is currently the owner and chief integrator for Network Audio Video Integrations LLC.  Previously, Victor worked for AV Spaces out of Alameda, CA.  

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