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Cat Cable Myths & Legends: How to Tell a Good Cable from a Bad One

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Nov 6, 2020 2:20:20 PM

Faulty cables can cost a lot of money and create disruptions. No one enjoys downtimes, delays, or bottlenecked speeds on a new installation. When you're installing a professional network, you want to make sure that your customer is getting the best possible connection.

Several factors can lead to poor performance in communication networks such as bad cabling components or improper wiring installations. When an office building, residence, or university campus is being wired for network access, the quality of the cables should be a major priority.

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Avoiding Counterfeit Cables: The Importance of Third-Party Testing for Wire and Cable

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Nov 4, 2020 4:59:55 PM

Third-party certification is an extremely important part of our industry. It gives peace of mind that a chosen manufacturer’s products have been responsibly determined to comply with industry standards. Third-party certification indicates that a product has been certified by an independent, accredited testing laboratory to comply with specific standards for safety, quality, and performance.

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Ready, Set, Go Live!

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Oct 23, 2020 2:15:44 PM

First impressions are everything. So, why not video conference, record polished demos, or conduct a webinar like a pro?  All and more is achievable with Liberty AV’s “TeamUp+” Series (DL-WFH-CAM120) USB Webcam and Microphone with full HD 120-degree wide-angle video 1920x1080 @ 30 FPS, along with crystal-clear sound using built-in dual noise-reduction microphone arrays.

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Now Offering: Clear Touch® Interactive

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Sep 29, 2020 3:16:28 PM

Liberty AV Solutions now offers access to Clear Touch® interactive flat panels, application software, accessories, and training. The line also includes Clear Digital prefabricated direct view LED large format displays and digital signage solutions. Clear Touch® is the leading US-owned and operated manufacturer of interactive displays and provides solutions for commercial enterprises, educational, hospitality, and government agencies.

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Liberty AV Introduces its New Brand of Fiber Infrastructure, Run Fiber™, and New Line of Wire and Cable, RunAV™

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Sep 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM

August 21, 2020 Colorado Springs, Colorado Throughout the years, Liberty AV has prided itself on developing quality products based on feedback from installers and users. Liberty’s latest offerings, RunFiberTM and RunAVTM, bring a combination of value and performance to fiber infrastructure and AV cabling, ideally positioned for residential AV. Both RunFiberTM and RunAVTM will be a part of Liberty AV's virtual booth at the CEDIA Expo 2020.

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Experience Full Bandwidth Video with Liberty AV's HDMI 2.0 Fiber Optic Detachable Extender Set

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Sep 11, 2020 3:13:09 PM

Explore Liberty's High-Tech Fiber Solutions at CEDIA 2020 Virtual Expo! 

Transmit 4K signal without any video/audio compression degradation with Liberty AV's new leading-edge technology. This detachable fiber optic set extends HDMI 2.0 signals up to 200m (656 feet) and transmits 4K UHD (4096x2160) at 60Hz over one duplex LC multimode fiber optic cable. 

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Making Installers’ Lives Easier: Support Space™ Powered by Teleportivity

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Sep 8, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Colorado Springs, Colorado — August 25, 2020 Liberty AV’s bulk cable boxes now come equipped with Support Space™, a virtual portal to product-specific information and self-guided resources instantly accessible via any personal device. It provides users with on-demand support from Liberty’s trusted and knowledgeable support team any time that additional help is needed during an installation. Support Space is a valuable tool for installers because it is designed to speed up installations, reduce failures/downtime, and make reordering a breeze.


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Liberty AV Introduces the DigitaLinx Pro Series 8 Output-Controllable / Selectable-Voltage, Rack-Mount Power Supply

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Sep 4, 2020 12:40:57 PM

Power and Remotely Manage 5 Varying Voltages in One Power Supply Unit

August 17, 2020 – Colorado Springs, Colorado – Liberty AV Solutions, known for its innovative, professional AV solutions, has once again delivered an industry game-changer. This year, the company released its DigitaLinx Pro Series 8 Output-Controllable / Selectable-Voltage, Rack-Mount Power Supply (DL-PSU8) – an integrated-switching power supply designed for converting AC into DC power, a unique solution which offers all five voltages used in the vast majority of AV extension devices (5V, 12V, 18V, 24V, 48V). It is adjustable per output and capable of being remotely managed.

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Liberty AV Product Announcements – August 2020

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Aug 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Have USB Extender will Travel! By Intelix & Liberty AV Solutions
Introducing the Intelix USB 2.0 High Speed Extender Set with 4 Port USB Device Hub

Intelix USB 2.0 High Speed Extender Set with 4 Port USB Device Hub (DIGI-USB2-4P)

In the world of USB, most everything becomes Plug and Play, just connect the USB cable and you’re ready to roll… right? Hang tight, not so fast if you want to command attention of a Projector or Printer, and these items are not within distance of what a USB cable can accommodate. Or better yet, you need to connect a Web Camera, and what about that interactive Whiteboard you have been meaning to get together in the Conference room?

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Liberty AV Introduces Work from Anywhere: Desktop Solutions

Posted by Liberty AV Solutions on Aug 25, 2020 4:10:57 PM

Colorado, CO, August 17, 2020 - Liberty AV recently introduced ‘Work from Anywhere kits – professional desktop solutions designed to provide a seamless remote or in-office workspace. Developed by its sister company, WESCO Broadcast & AV, ‘Work from Anywhere’ are pre-bundled solutions designed with effortless, supported setup, and reliability in mind. Each pre-configured ‘Work from Anywhere’ kit includes technology from industry-leading brands such as Logitech, Chief, SurgeX, NEC, Bose Professional, Biamp HRT, Wiremold, and C2G.

Designed to optimize virtual meetings, Work from Anywhere solutions provide quality video and sound with the convenience of hands-free flexibility and are fully compatible with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. Each kit includes live support, offering users instant face-to-face video setup assistance.

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